Services and Programs

The On-site and community based rehabilitation and support services that are provided, include group therapy, individual therapy, and medication management. Private psychiatric and psychotherapy services are available for an additional fee. Choice is important, so we confer with the individual, their family and the referring Therapist to determine the most appropriate options to enliven their experience while at Woodstock Manor. We offer a variety of accommodations and the monthly rates vary depending upon your particular preference.

The monthly rent includes all Basic Services.

Basic Services include:

  • Specially-trained on-site staff
  • 24-hour support and supervision
  • Activity program
  • Medication Management including all over-the-counter
  • Nutritious family-style meals (modified diet available)
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Monitoring of personal hygiene and grooming
  • Transportation assistance (scheduled outings available)
  • Household maintenance
  • Modern fire detection systems
  • Emergency call systems
  • Furnished double rooms (private available)

Our residents have access to programming throughout the day as well as down time for recuperation; the careful balance we have created within our home fosters a healthy mind and body and promotes positive mental, emotional, and behavioral health. The residents at Woodstock Manor participate daily in therapeutic in-house programming that promotes socialization, personal growth, and self-awareness, while building confidence and positive coping skills.

Programs include:

  • Yoga
  • Dance/Movement Therapy
  • Poetry and Creative Writing
  • Craft Making
  • Music and Movement
  • Art
  • Cognition, Comprehension, & Memory (brain games, documentaries, “how it’s made,” etc.)
  • Hearing Voices Network Sessions
  • Nature Awareness
  • Pet Therapy
  • Weekly Newsletter Group
  • Coffee and Current Affairs
  • Theme Days
  • “Hands-On” Lecture Series
  • “Plant A Seed” Garden Club
  • Fitness and Exercise

The Enrichment Skills Program at Woodstock Manor

Woodstock Manor Community Residence is a supportive therapeutic environment in which individuals receive programming and care related to their specific needs.

The Woodstock Manor Enrichment Skills Program is specifically designed to give individuals the chance to be in an active role where they can develop skills in order to enrich their lives inside and outside The Manor.

Enrichment skills include but are not limited to:

  • Landscaping
  • Gardening
  • Cooking and Baking
  • Food Inventory and Purchasing
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Personal Organization
  • Pet Care

As graduates of The Woodstock Manor Enrichment Program, residents can utilize their skills though volunteer positions within the community, internships, and paying jobs; as well as being skills mentors to their peers here at The Manor.

In addition, we encourage our participants to engage in activities in the community, such as work opportunities, adult education programs, day treatment programs as well as social activities, like musical concerts, horseback riding, library, theatre, neighborhood walks, picnics, and other fun activities.