Our Mission…

Woodstock Manor's goal is to provide a safe and lively home environment for your loved one. We provide a community that offers a sense of hope and structure while individuals strive for a life that is fulfilling and meaningful.

Welcome to Woodstock Manor

Woodstock Manor encourages:

  • The personal development of residents, on an individual basis
  • Physical activity that maintains and enhances fitness
  • Family and community involvement
  • Development of positive relationships among residents, staff, families, and the community

We work closely with our residents to promote and share the responsibilities for their daily activities and well-being with our staff focused on helping them enjoy the freedom and independence of private living.

Through partnership and collaboration, Woodstock Manor helps families meet the future with security, dignity and grace.

Who We Are…

The Woodstock Manor Community Residence (WMCR) is a 21-bed residence located in the Hudson Valley neighboring the historic town of Woodstock, NY. We are licensed by the NY State Office of Mental Health and specialize in creating a healing environment for adults suffering from severe and persistent mental illnesses such as schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, schizo-affective disorder or severe depression. We use a person-centered approach and a strengths-based recovery model. Each aspect of the program is aimed at increasing independence and mastery, building confidence and self esteem, and increasing self awareness to create opportunities for building and implementing coping skills. These aspects are promoted in resident involved treatment planning, and groups and activities focused on nourishing the mind and body. Our family-like atmosphere encourages all individuals to become involved and participate in our community.

At WMCR, we believe every person can live a happy, productive and healthy life and that every individual has the ability to learn, grow and manage their illness. We treat all Residents with dignity and compassion, using every opportunity to increase their self-confidence, as they learn new and different ways to cope with the real world. We recognize that each individual is a person and not just a diagnosis.

The walls are filled with colorful art created by those who live here as well as gifts from friends and family over the last three decades. Each individual plays an important role in creating this special environment that many call home. Each person’s participation in this community is needed and appreciated.

Woodstock Manor Resident

Who We Serve…

We serve adults who are capable of self-preservation (i.e., exiting a building in case of emergency). Our community cultivates healing and a sense of purpose by expecting all participants to contribute to their treatment planning, personal goal planning, and household activities. We are not able to accept applicants that are currently suicidal, actively addicted to drugs and/or alcohol(must be sober for the last 6 months), or a present danger to themselves or others. Under Academy House we are a proud member of ARTA, artausa.org. We are fortunate to have a large network of other programs available if it is determined that a different level of treatment is more suitable for you or your family member.

If you should have any questions and/or comments, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at info@woodstockmanor.com. For a tour of Woodstock Manor, you may call us at 845.679.2761 and we will gladly accommodate your visit.